Péter Éri

viola, kontra, flutes, mandolin

Peter Éri was born in 1953 in Budapest, Hungary. His step-father, Dr György Martin, the famous etnographer brought the child Éri to his trips where he collected the Hungarian traditional dances and instrumental music. Éri as a child made his first connections with living musical and dance traditions. When he was 14, he became the dancer of the Bartók Dance Ensamble. His interest in the music was continuous, he became the bass-player of the first Hungarian revival band, the Sebő Group. Meanwhile when the Muzsikás was established in 1973, Éri became the guest-musician of the band, from 1978 he became the full member. Éri graduated in the Eötvös University of Budapest as an etnographer. He plays the viola, the three-string "kontra", mandolin and different kind of flutes. He runs a weekly regular 30 minutes folk music program at the Hungarian State Radio Channel.


(c) Copyright Daniel Hamar, Muzsikás