László Porteleki

violin, koboz, tambura, vocal 

Porteleki László

Porteleki was born in Budapest, but grown up in a little Transdanubian village, named Ozora, where his grandfather was a village musician, playing "citera". The child Porteleki learned this insrument and played together with his grandfather in different village feasts. When he was 12 his family moved to Budapest where he started learning the classical violin. He regularly visited the Muzsikás "dance hose" and started to be interested in the traditional music. He  founded the folk music group Téka, where he was the violinist and the solo singer, with them he released 4 albums. From the beginning he collected folk music for the Academy of Science of Hungary, meanwhile he played together with the local village folk musicians. Porteleki regards them as his musical masters. From 1996 he is the member of the Muzsikas, he plays the violin, lute, tamboura and he sings, as well.


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