Muzsikás - Folk Music Concert

The most wanted concert program

This spectacular concert of Muzsikás also with outstanding  singer and dancers give an outlook of the rich Hungarian traditions.

The concert program presents the most exciting elements of Hungarian dance and vocal music from the Carpathian basin. The decades presenting this music to audiences all around the world has proved that Muzsikas performances touches audiences of all kinds - folk, classical, world music, jazz, dance, Jewish or alternative rock.
The vocal performances with the richly ornamented style enchanted Bela Bartok when he collected songs in remote villages. The beautiful voice of the singers of Muzsikás (Maria Petrás or Hanga Kacsó) is equally impressive  in lyrical ballads or vivid dance songs.
The program also features the best folk-dancers in Hungary  with virtuoso or intimate and romantic couple dances of the Hungarian tradition.

Some prestigeous venues where Muzsikás appeared with their folk music concert

Carnegie Hall, New York,  
Royal Festival Hall, London,
Theatre de la Ville, Paris,
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Accademia Santa Cecilia, Rome
House of Blues, Los Angeles
BBC Proms Festival, London
Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong

From the reviews:

There are many fine Hungarian bands but it sometimes seems that Muzsikás is the only one that World Music has heard of for its festivals and praise. There's nevertheless absolutely no doubt that they deserve high status.
Folk Roots

We hear the same folk melody as it sounded 87 years ago, as it sounds in a classical setting and as it sounds Hungary's finest active folk troupe... From any angle, these are inexhaustible themes handled by superb musicians.
The Washington Post

Muzsikas proved to be another example of the high quality of artists Myrna Bustani chooses each year for her prestigious festival.

Daily Star, Lebanon, about the Al Bustan Festival

Special guests

Mária Petrás traditional singer was born in a small Hungarian "csángó" village in the region of Moldva. She grown up in an untouched traditional surrounding. As a mother tongue she has learned all the traditional songs, ballads, the Gregorian chants of the Latin mass and apokriphal prayers of the csángó's with the authentic way of presentation. Her singing is fully genuine, she is one of the master of the best Hungarian revivalists

Hanga Kacsó, folk singer is the winner of the Folk music contest of the Cultural Channel of the Hungarian State Television. She is an excellent folk dancer, too and as a singer one of the most promising folk performer among the new young generation. Her debut with Muzsikas was at the Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto, Canada in 2016 followed by a North American tour included Montreal, Calgary and New York city.

Zoltán Farkas and Ildikó  Tóth, dancers. Farkas, previously the soloist and choreographer of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble in 1984 established the Kodaly Chamber Dance Ensemble as the artistic co-leader. Since 1992 he began to work regularly with Muzsikas, together with his partner, Ildiko Toth, as the dance-soloists and choreographers. They performed together at numerous concert halls and festivals all around the World.

György and Ilonka Muszka, traditional folk dancers were born in a small traditional Hungarian village, Méra, Kalotaszeg region of Transylvania, Rumania. Their virtuoso and lyrical dances are fully genuine, as they has grown up in a community where the music and dance belonged to the everyday life of the people. They perform with Muzsikás since a decade in Hungary and several European countries.

Istvan Berecz folk dancer is the winner of the solo-dance category of the the Folk Music contest of the Danube Television, Hungary. He is the Young Man of the Year 2014 at Zugló district of Budapest, Dancer and coreographer of the National Theater of Hungary and the artistic director of the Fono Folk Center, Budapest. His debut with Muzsikas was in 2016 at Shangai International Festival of Arts.

Kálmán Balogh, the most virtuoso cimbalom player of Hungary comes from a famous dynasty of Hungarian Gypsy musicians. A graduate of Liszt Academy of Music of Budapest, he has completed many successful tours throughout the world with various ensembles, He plays mostly authentic folk music from Hungary and from the Balkans,  though during the last years he has played with jazz groups, rock bands and a symphony orchestra, too. He performs with Muzsikás since 1985.

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